Post-Hardcore and GOOD Emo Bands Offer the Best Examples of Fry Screaming

Fry screaming was really popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Every band with an indie record deal seemed to dabble in fry screaming if they weren’t trying to capture the “teen girl” audience. This means that there is a whole generation of music fans who grew up with the fry screaming style.

Fry screaming has two main characteristics. Firstly, it is typically a little more high-pitched than a classic metal scream 9which is more guttural). Secondly, the lines are usually clearer. Emo bands used this to their advantage to reach a new audience- a larger one. Below are three bands that could help singers learn how to fry scream. Of course, “Scream like a Rock Star” offers lessons on nailing the skill.

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Saosin: Saosin had a brilliant singer at their disposal around 2004. They have recently been fortunate enough to bring this singer (Anthony Green) back in the ranks. Green is a wonderful fry screamer when he tries. His other band, Circa Survive, is also a fantastic resource. Both of these bands are exceptional, for the most part, and they are rife with huge yet complex metal riffs.

Taking Back Sunday: The group, like many, have stepped away from screaming on record. But, taking Back Sunday’s emo classic debut, Tell All Your Friends, features a whole laundry list of fry screaming examples. Listen to the witty lyrics and biting lines, and see how much more distinct they are when delivered as a fry scream.

Chiodos: Frontman Craig Owens is a controversial figure, known almost as much for his past drug as for his fantastic voice. Owens is a powerhouse fry screamer on Bone Palace Ballet, but he manages to bring that energy back (mostly) for the group’s 2014 romp, Devil.

These are just a few bands from the mid-2000′s that have capitalized on a more mainstream version of fry screaming. Anyone interested in fry screaming should really know what it sounds like in execution. This is where listening to lots of music could come in handy. Emo bands vary from amazing to total garbage. But, emo as a genre does offer an array of really good fry screamers.

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